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Never forgive yourself on the pretext of being careless.


Learning and sitting meditation, there must be a perseverance.


Once in a lifetime of youth, the purpose is to listen to the sound of flowers, see the silence of flowers, and then get out.


This is youth: full of strength, full of expectation, volition, full of desire for knowledge and struggle, full of hope and confidence in youth.


College entrance examination is more than knowledge than psychology than psychological strength than a comprehensive examination.


People encounter the things that make you sad, but immersing yourself in sadness will rust your heart. This special "rust" contagious extremely strong, people will soon rust, but become useless people numb. Therefore, those who are in sorrow should walk out of their sadness and walk into a new life.



Try to be able to do so, the fight can win.


Youth - the best years of human life. It is a human life budding period, vitality, vibrant; it means that progress, which means rising, contains great hope unknown.


Youth is white, like snow like waves, such as clouds, white clean flawless. Like a piece of white paper, such as writing, love the latest pictures of the most beautiful picture.


How many times have you ever imagined a youthful style, a fantasy of a youthful love, a fantasy of a youthful delight, a fantasy of a youthful melancholy? Today, youth is waiting for you and me, and the turbulent chest is pouring into the frenzy of youth!



Suddenly sent life, in a flash has squandered the last youth. Reality, little by little, polish our corners, erode our dreams, in the loss, regret, unwilling, resentful, I still think of you, even if some things have never come back, my palm always hold the most precious Treasure, give me strength. Thank you God, let us meet each other in the most beautiful years.


As long as you say I believe, as long as your decision I support, as long as I need you are willing to do.


In fact, youth is the case, do not listen to advice, Scrapped, enjoy the blessing, suffered bitter, played the votes, touched the wall, tossing hard, tossing tired, only to find himself turned a big circle, but returned In place. However, never regret it, do not complain, because do not turn this circle, I may never know where the "place".


All selfish life is irrational, animal life.


Indulge it, regret for life; control it, ride the wind and waves.


Short carnival, that life stretches. Long farewell is a feast of youth.


Youth is a beautiful poem, is a beautiful song. Let us hold it in good faith so that the flower of youth bloom in four seasons.


Some pessimistic to see success, optimism, some see failure. Easily see yourself, be tolerant to others. Sense to see the problem, pure look at life.


Regardless of the year has been spent A, fantasy or age twenty-eight, people are curious heart, the joy of life, innocent children innocent. Everyone has a radio in their hearts, so long as they receive the signals of beauty, hope, joy, courage and strength, they will be able to remain young and live forever.


Years long, aging and skin only; Passionate, decadent will reach the soul. Concerned panic, loss of confidence, will make the popular ashes ash, chilling in the iron.


I seem to have gone the young, without those who can squandered youth. Now can only seek a stable, a simple. But I try hard to find and work hard, but still can not find the one who can spend my whole life looking for, how many true and false I encountered, but I still feel very lucky.


Youth is the state of mind, rather than years; youth is not present in the peach face lips, flexible and healthy body, and is now in the civility of the gas, the reverie of the environment, the passion of Sheng. Spring of life, endless, evergreen.



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